Mixed Breeds- EE, OE, Sapphires

Easter Eggers

Easter Eggers are wonderful chickens, usually referring to a mixed breed chicken that lays a blue or green egg. 

Easter Eggers often descend from Ameraucana stock, so it is not uncommon to see beards and muffs on these chickens.  As the pea comb and blue egg gene are dominant, both of these features are usually passed on from their Ameraucana heritage.  They also frequently have green legs (due to the mixing of skin and shank colors).  Our easter eggers come from brown eggs but carry the blue egg gene, meaning they will usually lay a green egg when they reach laying age.
Many people say Easter Eggers have the friendliest personality of all their chickens.  They also come in a whole variety of colors and patterns as they grow up- see the pictures for just a few of them!

Olive Eggers

Olive Eggers are a mixed breed that lay an olive colored egg.

By placing a blue egg gene Cream Legbar rooster over dark brown egg Black Copper Marans hens, we are able to combine the egg genes and get Olive Eggers!  Chicks will grow up to be barred and crested.

Sapphires- Super Blue Egg Layers

Sapphires are fantastic layers of L-XL blue eggs.

 We have adopted the UK name for this unique cross.  A sapphire gets its blue eggs from a Cream Legbar parent and its fantastic laying ability from a White Leghorn parent.  Most are predominantly white with a crest.
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