These are the source of lovely brownish pink to "plum" colored eggs.​

The Langshan is assumed to originate in China.  In the late 1800s Major F. T. Croad of England imported some of these birds to England and began working with him.  He was such a strong force in championing this breed that his line kept his name for generations; in fact they are still sometimes referred to as "Croad Langshans."  The stock in the US that was imported is from his line, so all US birds source back to the Croad Langshan line.  They are a large, soft feathered breed of fantastic size but very calm temperament.


We have a SQ blue rooster and three SQ black hens in the breeding pen right now so chicks will be blue and black.  These birds are magnificent and huge, you cannot tell from pictures how much presence they have.  Our Langshans are very calm birds, they are the gentle giants of the chicken yard. 


Some Langshans lay a brown egg with a plum or pink bloom on them.  We have some light brown and some pinkish brown layers in our flock.

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