Breed of the Week: Olive Eggers

Our last hybrid that we breed here on the farm are Olive Eggers.

Olive Eggers are a mixed breed that lay an olive colored egg. We use a Cream Legbar rooster over some of our Black Copper Marans hens that didn’t make the cut for the Marans breeding pen.

Chicks will grow up to be barred and crested, and often have lightly feathered legs. Since these are first generation the eggs themselves are brown but with the blue egg parent the babies carry the genes to make olive green eggs!

January and February Special

To start off our specials for spring we are offering Chick Packs!  Order now for spring shipment, 20% off multiple packs of Silverudds Blue (Isbar), Jubilee Orpington, and Svart Hona chicks!

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Ten (10) day-old blue, black, or splash Silverudds Blue chicks (Isbar), straight run.  May ...


Ten (10) day-old Jubilee Orpington chicks, straight run.  May be combined with other chicks ...

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Five (5) day-old Svart Hona chicks, straight run.  May be combined with other chicks in an ...

Order eggs a dozen at a time now!

You can now order our hatching eggs by the dozen, and save a little more than ordering singly!  Get those orders in for spring shipping!

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One dozen (12) Queen Silvia hatching eggs. Queen Silvia are excellent layers of medium to...

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One dozen (12) East Frisian Gull hatching eggs.  Chick will be gold, silver, or lemon. ...


One dozen (12) white crested polish hatching egg.  Chick will be blue, black or splash white ...


One dozen (12) Swedish Flower Hen hatching eggs. SFH lay a large egg that can vary in color...


One dozen (12) Svart Hona hatching eggs.  Svart Hona are a melanistic breed- their feathers, ...


One dozen (12) spitzhauben hatching eggs. We have been pleasantly surprised at how well these...


One dozen (12) silkie hatching eggs.  Chick may be any of the following colors: blue, black, ...

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One dozen (12) first generation Sapphire hatching eggs.  Egg will be white from the Leghorn ...


One dozen (12) first generation olive egger hatching eggs- these eggs are dark brown from...


One dozen (12) langshan hatching eggs.  Eggs will hatch blue or black Langshan, small ...


One dozen (12) Mottled Orpington hatching eggs. When grown Mottled Orpingtons lay a large...


One dozen (12) Jubilee Orpington hatching eggs. When grown Jubilee Orpingtons lay a large...

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Breed of the Week: Easter Egger

Our Breed of the Week this week is the Easter Egger! These are another hybrid. Ours are first generation Ameraucana X Rhode Island Red. Even with just that single cross there is a lot of variation in feather colors!

Easter Eggers are wonderful chickens, usually referring to a mixed breed chicken that lays a blue or green egg.

Easter Eggers often descend from Ameraucana stock, and it is not uncommon to see beards and muffs on these chickens. As the pea comb and blue egg gene are dominant, both of these features are usually passed on from their Ameraucana heritage. They also frequently have green legs (due to the mixing of skin and shank colors). Our easter eggers are first generation (they come from brown eggs but carry the blue egg gene), meaning they will usually lay a green egg when they reach laying age.

Many people say Easter Eggers have the friendliest personality of all their chickens. They also come in a whole variety of colors and patterns as they grow up- see the pictures for just a few of them! Some of our easter eggers have a Turken parent, so we sometimes have Naked Necked Easter Eggers for sale!

Shown below are our 1st generation Easter Eggers.  These brown eggs are laid by Rhode Island Red hens but fathered by our Ameraucana rooster.  Female chicks will lay green eggs when grown.


Breed of the Week: Sapphire

I thought we’d start something new and introduce everyone to one of our breeds each week! This week’s Breed of the Week is the Sapphire.


Sapphires are fantastic layers of L-XL blue eggs. We have adopted the UK name for this unique hybrid cross. A sapphire gets its blue eggs from a Cream Legbar parent and its fantastic laying ability from a White Leghorn parent. They are predominantly white with a crest. Chicks are yellow with black flecks, showing where they will have a black feather when they are grown. We find them to be a very hardy cross.

NOTE: these are a hybrid and DO NOT BREED TRUE. When you cross two Sapphires together you will get 75% blue egg layers and 25% white egg layers. If you want details on how to create a perpetuating flock of Sapphires PM me and I can walk you through the process!

center egg is from a Sapphire hen

The new website is now live!

Welcome to our newly redesigned website!  Please look around and let us know if there is anything that needs attention.  I am aware the “cart” page is not working properly at the moment but hope to have it fixed shortly.  In the meantime you can contact me and I can send you a custom invoice if you are ready to place an order.  We are gearing up already for spring hatching here on our hobby farm by bringing in another cabinet incubator, so we hope to be able to supply all your rare and exotic chick and hatching egg needs this spring!  We are NPIP with the state of Oklahoma and can ship to most states with proper documentation.



Silverudd Blue (Isbar) eggs below, Marans and Sapphire (1st generation) eggs on top ofthem

Our Purpose and Breeds

At Chicken Fanatics, we breed our chickens toward SOP (when available), or to the generally accepted standard.  Quality birds come from quality stock.  We carefully choose the sources for our breeding stock to ensure genetic diversity.  We love to have lots of color in our egg basket: blue, green, olive, chocolate, and every color in between!

Pure breeds we currently have on site:

  • Ameraucana
  • Black Copper Marans
  • Cream Legbar
  • Silverudds Blue (Isbar)
  • Jubilee Orpington
  • Langshan
  • Mottled Orpington
  • Silkie
  • Spitzhauben
  • Svart Hona (Swedish Black Hen)
  • Swedish Flower Hen
  • White Crested Polish
  • East Frisian Gull
  • Queen Silvia
  • Twentse

Mixed breeds we currently have on site:

  • Easter Egger
  • Olive Egger
  • Sapphire


We are pleased you have found our new website!  Please forgive our growing pains while we learn this new system and get things in place for ease of use!

In the meantime if you need to reach me please feel free to call me at 918-933-4240.

Rinda Myers

Chicken Fanatics

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One day-old male Cream...


One day-old female...


One day-old blue or...


One day-old Blue,...


One day-old Easter...


One day-old blue,...


One day old Jubilee...


One day old Mottled...


One day-old Langshan...


One day old Olive Egger...


One day-old Sapphire...


One day-old silkie...

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